Student Research

Each semester during their homestays, students conduct independent research projects in a concentration of their choice. Past student projects have focused on topics including the effect of light pollution on bats, corolla preferences in hummingbirds, and chemical defenses in Monteverde caterpillars. Students conduct their research over a four-week period and organize their findings into a scientific paper to be presented at a public Symposium at the program’s end.

Here, you will find student projects from previous Tropical Ecology & Conservation programs:

Long tailed ManakinSummer 2022

Orchid beeSpring 2022

IMG-3385 Fall_2021

atta Summer 2021

tempImageLT8gXL Spring 2021

IMG_5045 Spring 2020

DSCN0474  Fall2019

Foto  Summer2019

.DSCN0777   Spring 2019

sachatamia albomaculata   Fall 2018

emerald toucanet  Summer 2018

Owl  Spring 2018

FotoPortadaWebSite   Fall 2017

DSCN0170   Summer 2017

P1240651    Spring 2017

thumb_IMG_2741_1024     Fall 2016

thumb_IMG_2732_1024      Summer 2016

IMG_2934      Spring 2016

IMG_2774      Fall 2015

IMG_6979         Summer 2015

IMG_3867         Spring 2015

IMG_8640          Fall 2014

IMG_0111          Summer 2014

IMG_4577          Spring 2014

6a010536fa9ded970b01b7c7e198c9970b-800wi          Fall 2013

IMG_7561          Spring 2013

IMG_7310          Summer 2013

IMG_2521          Fall 2012

IMG_0123         Spring 2012

IMG_7298         Summer 2012

IMG_7608         Fall 2011

IMG_0070         Spring 2011

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